Cool Marketing Software

Who Made Money in The Gold Rush? Was it The Diggers? Nope! It was those Smart People Who Sold The Shovels!

Everybody is looking for ways to “make money online” but let’s face it most people will not follow through enough to succeed. They just go from one “dream” to another.


    • You will be helping people! Everybody is looking for ways to get more traffic and our software works great! Your referrals will be thrilled and you will look like a genius for recommending Cool Marketing Software.
    • It is free to join. There is no long approval process or fees required to join. Just sign up, get your affiliate link and start earning commissions!
    • We pay generous 50% commissions. We share the profits with you 50/50
    • We do all the support. People will have questions about the software. We are here to help even to get on customer’s computers with remote sessions to help them. We have your back!
    • Cookie tracks for one year. This means that if you refer somebody and they order 11 months later you still get credit for the sale!
    • High Converting Banners and Sales Letters Ready for You to Use Right Now!
    • Get paid once per month directly to your Paypal account!
    • Get paid for multiple product purchases. Most of our customers purchase more than one software package and you get credit for ALL sales
    • Our autoresponders follow up for you for a year! If people join our newsletter our high converting sales letters will follow up on autopilot for you for one year. Our links are naked which means we do not use affiliate link in the follow up messages. So if you sent the customer it is just like each follow up message has your affiliate link. This is follow up marketing on steroids!
    • We are here to help! Any questions let us know. Your success if our success.